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Preparing for Big School

A letter from Dina to all the children in our Incredible Schools.

Dear Incredible Dinosaur School Kid,

Wow! A lot has happened since I saw you last! I really miss you and so do your teachers and all the other puppets! It is surprising to be out of school.

I’m feeling a little excited to be home and to have some extra time to practice flying. But I’m also a little sad not be with my friends and my teachers. And I miss learning at school, and going to the playground, and reading, and a lot of other cool things. Most of all I miss seeing you and Wally in Dinosaur School!

The adults you are living with probably told you that we are taking time off from school because there is a new virus that has some germs that are making people sick. If we stay home for a while, we can keep from sharing our germs with other people. This will help people stay healthy. Wally says he loves me for doing this solution to help people stay safe.

This probably means that you are spending more time at your house and that you aren’t allowed to go to as many places, or to see as many people. I am staying in my house too and I can’t go to the Dinosaur flying gym (but I am practicing flying in the hallway). I talk on the phone with Wally and the other puppets—we FaceTime and make silly faces at each other. We are also washing our hands a lot! Every time we come inside we wash our hands and before we eat, we wash our hands. I’m getting very good at making a lot of soapy bubbles. I miss seeing people, but I know that I’m helping to keep people healthy.

I am sending you some ideas for things that you can do when you are at home. You could do these with your parents, your grandparents, your babysitter, your sisters or brothers, or all by yourself. You could color in the star next to the activity when you finish it. See how many you can finish!

I miss you and I hope to see you very soon!

Love, Dina ❤️