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Preparing for Big School

Getting Your Child set for School with the Incredible Years

The Incredible Years School Readiness Programme  

This four-week programme gives parents strategies to improve children’s school readiness.  It helps parents to boost their child’s language, reading, and social skills.

What are the Incredible Years’ Programmes?

The Incredible Years’ are parent training intervention programmes.  The School Readiness programme is only one of their many programmes.

All of these programmes help you to strengthen and develop your parenting skills.  They encourage you to become involved in your child’s school experiences.  This helps you to improve your child’s academic, social and emotional skills.  When you help your child to develop these skills you reduce the likelihood of them developing conduct problems.

The Incredible Years has been a huge success since it was introduced to County Louth in 2010.

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The Incredible Years Website

If you are interested in finding out more about programmes running in our participating schools please check our programme delivery calendar for updates