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Preparing for Big School

Starting School in a New Country

How to help your child integrate into a new school system

If you and your child have moved to Ireland recently and you are wondering about how and when they will start school.  Do not worry, there is lots of information to help you.  

For information on starting age, enrollment and the Irish school system, please visit:

Here are some things you can do to help your child settle in:
  • Talk to your child about the move well in advance
  • Tell your child stories about when you started school
  • Talk about, draw or make a list of the things your child can look forward to about going to a new school
  • You should also talk to your child about the things that they are worried about.  Take time to discuss each of their concerns.
  • Try to show your child that you are excited.  How you feel about them starting school will affect how they feel about it.
  • If possible, visit the school with your child.  Even if the school is closed you can show your child the building, the area and the surroundings.
  • Find out if there are other children moving to the same school as your child. Encourage your child to talk with these children. You might be able to arrange for your child to arrive at school with these children on the first day.
  • If you know family members or friends who’ve changed schools recently, encourage them to share their experiences with your child.

For Local Support Groups in County Louth visit  Culture Connect is a platform for cultural diversityfriendship networks and information exchange.