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Preparing for Big School

Making Reading Fun

Interactive Reading

Interactive reading simply means engaging with your child as you read to them and ensuring that they understand and learn from the process.  We can do this simply by making reading and the use of books a fun process.

How can I make reading fun?

Making reading fun is easier than it sounds.  Use your voice to:

  • make sounds
  • change tones
  • exaggerate
  • make the different characters voices
  • describe pictures, shapes, numbers and colours
  • give your child an active role in the reading process

You can also use facial expressions to bring the story to life.  Reading to your child like this is called interactive reading.  Interactive reading helps your child with their academic school readiness skills.

How interactive reading helps your child

Reading interactively with your child will:

  • increase their interest in books
  • develop their language skills
  • stimulate their curiosity
  • grow their love for learning
  • promote your child’s imagination and creativity
  • help them understand the association between words and verbal language

To help your child with their transition to primary school pick books and stories about starting school to read with your child.  This will give your child the opportunity to explore their feelings about starting school.

For some handy hints and tips on Interactive Reading please visit:

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National Childhood Network Guide to Storytelling

Your local library has a range of books designed for interactive reading with children.   Your library also has a wide range of books that cover all the feelings that go hand in hand with Starting Big School.  These books can help normalise the feelings most children have about going to big school.

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