Preparing for Big School

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Preparing for Big School

Preparing for the Big Day

Putting a little time into the preparations can make all the difference on your child’s first day at primary school. As a parent you have the ability to set your child up for success.  Here are some simple things you can work on with your child prior to the big day.

Being organised helps to put both you and your child at ease ahead of the first day of school.This can difficult especially during the last few weeks of Summer but it really will be worth the effort.

You can start organising your child in the weeks before they start school by setting a routine.  Setting a routine in advance will build your child’s independence and sense of security .  Here are some of the key areas that you can focus on :

Bedtime Routine

A regular bedtime is essential for your child to do well at school.   The length of the school day is a big change for children. They will need all their energy to get the most out of their day.  The bright evenings in the Summer can make an early bedtime difficult but keep working at it.  It will help your child to get the best start.

Morning Routine

Start getting up early with your child in the weeks before they start school.   This will make it easier for them to get up and ready for school when the time comes.

You can role play the new school morning routine with your child.  Alternatively you can talk them through the different steps of getting ready for school.  You can also practice putting on their uniform and packing their school bag.  Having a visual schedule around the routine can be particularly helpful for children.  This means that they know what to expect and it gives them a concrete mental image which can be helpful for children.  Involve your child in making this schedule.  This will help them accept the routine.

Getting Familiar

It is important that your child knows where they are going on the first day.  It is a good idea for you and your child to walk or drive by the school a couple of times before school starts.  You can spend some time talking to them about the yard and where they will line up etc.  Share positive stories with them about your or their siblings first day of school.  Build up your child’s excitement about going to school in every way you can.  Children are clever and pick up on a parents feelings and moods.   Never allow your stress to become their stress!!