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Preparing for Parenthood

Developing a Secure Attachment

Getting to Know Each Other during Pregnancy

Connecting with your baby during pregnancy will help you form a strong and loving bond after birth.

You can start to bond with your baby during pregnancy by taking time every day to relax, stroke your bump, talk or
sing to them and respond to their movements.  Research shows that even in the womb babies respond to familiar voices and music.  Your partner can get involved at this stage too.  They can talk, sing and stroke your bump.

When baby arrives

Your baby can recognise your voice from birth.  From the moment your baby is born they can communicate with you through eye contact, facial expressions and body movements.  Your baby needs you to learn what they need.  They need you to know when they need to be fed, changed and comforted.

How will I know what my baby is trying to tell me?

Your baby will show you what they need through their movements, gestures, and sounds.   These are called cues.  Pay attention to these cues and you will learn what your baby is trying to tell you.

How to build a strong relationship with your baby

You should respond to your baby’s cues as soon as possible.  By responding to your baby you will make them feel secure.  Making your baby feel secure will help you to build a strong relationship with them.  Your baby’s early relationship with you will effect how they will interact, communicate, and form relationships throughout their life.

There are a number of ways in which you can work on strengthening the bond between you and your baby.

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