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Play and Use of Songs and Rhyme


For babies, play is not just about toys, it’s about developing skills.

Playing with your baby and using songs and rhymes, help your baby’s social and emotional development.  Social development is how your baby is learning to interacting with you and other people.  Emotional development is how they are learning to manage their emotions.

Ways to play with baby

Be sure to spend lots of time with your baby.  Talk soothingly and sing songs.  Remember to make eye contact.  Here are some more examples of how to play with your baby:

  • Have skin to skin contact with new-borns
  • Plan daily quiet times that will allow you and your baby connect
  • Use slow, gentle motions with your baby
  • Don’t over stimulate your baby
  • Copy your baby’s movements and sounds
  • Rock and cuddle your baby
  • Play with baby’s fingers and toes (“This Little Piggy Went to Market”)

For more suggestions, see Leap BC’s guide. This trusted guide contains 40 fun filled activities to support your child’s development from birth to age three.

 Move with Me from Birth to Three

Additionally you can follow the links below to find out more about classes in your local area:

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