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The Baby Blues and Postnatal Depression

What are the Baby Blues?

The feeling of ‘baby blues’ are common during the first few days following birth.  There might be times when you feel very tearful.  Feeling ‘baby blues’ is perfectly natural and will generally pass.

However, on average around 1 in 10 mothers in Ireland find that the ‘baby blues’ go on for longer.  If your mood is low, you are feeling unable to cope and are having difficulty sleeping you might be experiencing  postnatal depression.

Postnatal Depression

Postnatal depression is the name used to describe feelings of depression after having a baby.  Postnatal depression does not just affect mothers, the changes and exhaustion after baby is born can also affect fathers too.

If you feel that you may have postnatal depression please be reassured that there are successful treatments available. Talk to someone and seek help from your GP or Public Health Nurse.

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