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Preparing for Parenthood

Preparing for Birth

Maternity Care Options in Ireland

  • Consultant-led care
  • Private
  • Semi-Private
  • Public
  • Mid-Wife Led
  • Early Transfer
  • Home-Birth

For more information on these options you can visit the following sites:

Citizens Information- Having a Home Birth




The final weeks of pregnancy can be a daunting time for expectant mothers so it helps to be as prepared as possible.

What to pack for the hospital

You may want to pack two bags for the hospital: A small overnight bag for the items you’ll need during labour, and a larger bag for everything else you’ll need for the remainder of your hospital stay.

When do I need to pack my bag?

The ideal would be to have your hospital bag ready to go by 36 weeks.

What is a Birth Plan?

A birth plan is a plan written by you.  It explains the type of labour and birth you would like to have.  It tells the midwives and doctors what you would like to happen, and what you would like to avoid.

It is a good idea to discuss your birth plan with your partner or somebody else who will be supporting you at the birth.

In Ireland there are a number of options for you to think about when you are writing you birth plan.  If you would like more information on these options click on the links below.

For more information, please visit:

HSE Booklet for Preparing for Birth and Parenthood

Citizens Information – Before your Baby is Born

Rotunda Maternity Hospital- Labour and Birth

The Birth Plan


What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a childbirth education course that emphasizes natural childbirth and teaches self-hypnosis techniques to combat fear and pain during labor. … Yet, when many women think about the actual process of giving birth, fear of pain (and how to avoid it) is at the forefront of their minds.

To find out more about Hypnobirthing you can visit:



Preparing for Birth