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Preparing for Parenthood

Changing Relationships

There are many changes during pregnancy and when baby arrives.  One of the changes that is often overlooked is the change in the relationships we have with our partners, family and friends.

Why will my relationships change?

Parenthood is exciting and wonderful, but it is also tiring and can be stressful.  The different emotions that you feel and the tiredness you experience can effect your relationship with those close to you.  It is hard to make time for others when baby is young, but remember the demands on you physically and mentally will change as baby grows.

How to deal with these changes

The best way to deal with changes or stresses in your relationship during this period is to talk to one another.  Talking about the challenges and how they are making you feel as they happen will make the transition to parenthood easier for you both.

Use these tips to help you talk about how you feel about the challenges you are facing:

  • Talk to each other at a time when you are both feeling calm
  • Listen to your partner
  • Try to understand your partner’s point of view
  • Do not criticise or blame each other for the situation

Looking after your relationships with your partner and others will help you be happier and find your role as a parent easier.

Spending Time Alone

Do not feel guilty about being away from baby.  It is important to make time for you and your partner.  It is also important to make time for your relationships with family and friends.

Remember to:

  • Spend time alone with your partner – this could be as simple as watching your favourite show during a quiet time or enjoying a takeaway
  • Enjoy time away from the baby
    • Meet up with friends
    • Enjoy time alone, go for a walk or take a bath
  • Support each other
  • Accept help when wanted or needed

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